perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2012

"she takes me high, ten feet off the ground"

Last night's dream I held your hand and Asked if you would beForever mine, togetherYou and me. 

found my old NES! ohh the controller is so pretty. many people promised to sell their souls for these. 

I found out that Nightwish has beautiful lyrics and I was really bored.

Lumi and Pami. Our Pami (darker, bigger, 12 yrs. German wirehaired pointer) can pose, he loves the camera and camera loves him. My Lumi (almost 1yr old, parson russell terrier) can't pose a bit! She just doesn't care.

Ahhh I haven't done much to improve my looks. My hair is red again though, last time I had red hair in summer. I've improved my granny skills (like my fiance says, seriously. what's so granny-like about knitting? haha...) and made a tube scarf for myself. My little sister's tube scarf is in the making :)  
The whole looking natural- thing makes me look tired and since I cut my hair tonight and layered them a bit to make them look messy, I look like I live in the woods and never go to the broad daylight. I don't mind looking like that, though. (and, ahem, I live in the woods and don't go to the broad daylight that often...)

dat be all folks.