steps onetwothreefour ... I lost count.


start using your glasses, woman! dammit.

start eating healthy again. I remember, once you did.

learn to let go. I know it hurts. 

learn to accept the established truth.
if you're still thinking you're not worth anything, you're simply dumb. start thinking the contrary; you are beautiful, wanted, loved and unique. build up that self-confidence. mess up your hair, look in the mirror and say;
'damn, I look good today'

learn to give time to yourself, enjoy, relax. go on that trip you've always dreamed of.

you are about to become "a mom". again. remember that your dog will need you till the end of her life. be kind and respect her, love her, play with her, take her out for walks as much as possible, spend lazy days with her, train her, let her to come into your bed if you feel lonely.
be there for her, you're all she has.

pamper yourself. nap when you feel like it, take care of your skin and hair, try something new. 


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