Picture challenge


Everyone sees quotes everywhere these days, right? On tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest etc.
Those inspirational words, words of making you feel better about yourself. Quotes about life, love, death, kids, family, pets, being strong, god, friends.

I challenge you to choose at least 10 quote pictures, whether they are inspirational, sayings, to build up your self-esteem or just have a meaning to you. Write about them. Post the text with the picture. And this is where it gets fun. You can alter this challenge all you want. You can write about the meaning and feelings behind the quote, and have pictures or memories thrown in.

One quote a day. Easy, huh?


Mine starts with this.

1. "Time is the longest distance between two places." -Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie.

As some of you may know, my grandmother passed away last November. It was rough for me and for my whole family. Because I have been living in her apartment for 2 years now, I discovered some cool stuff I could re-make and they could have a new life serving another purpose.

Then I framed her old table clock made by her uncle.
The base was marble and obviously too heavy to frame, so I took out the numbers, hands and a few small parts and decorations. Printed this quote on a book page and used hot glue to put the parts on place.

I think my grandma lives through the picture, really. Every morning before 7 am, when I'm preparing to go to school, my dog stares to kitchen, moves her head around like as if she is following someone doing something. Then on this one particular morning, she did the same and I knew Hilma saw my grandma making her morning coffee like she always did. Only this time Hilma jumped up, took a toy in her mouth and threw it at someone trying to play. I got chills and calmed down a bit. I said "Good morning, granny", and felt cold breeze on my face.

I am convinced my grandma lives with us on daily basis and looks after us. Sometimes I hear her dropping spoons in the sink as a sign to do the dishes. She never had dirty dishes laying around the house.

What's your story?

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