harmonies, happy's, lovesickies and sweet perfections.


we started the morning with setting up the place and our models got their make up and hair done.

Then after our stylist got our human mannequins dressed, we started the photoshoot.

With the first model we went to Vero Moda clothing store to ask if we could possibly photograph in their showcase with those cool wolf masked mannequins.

The clothes the models are wearing are from each store we were photographing at. Click for a bigger picture!!

Next photoshoot was in men's department in Moda clothing store. 

We moved to the upstairs of Moda to the women's clothing department with our third model.

With our last model we headed to VILA clothing store. To the changing rooms!

 Our wonderful presenter and awesome stylist showing off their thumbs; first day behind and it was a success!

We got everything done, returned the clothes and many coffees later we said goodbyes. The night continued and we had fun, oh, so fun.

"and i said baby maybe we could bust this joint and see if my place is open to chill."

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