Kuura lacemittens (ENG pattern)


 Hi, and officially hello to my new friends from abroad!

Welcome to my little kntting and crafts blog.

My name is Rosanna and I've been writing this blog since 2011.

This might very well be the first English blog post I've ever made on rosannaofmay.

I've had quite many people asking me for the pattern for Kuura lacemittens in English. I'm honored as you've been so interested in knitting the mittens so I started working on translating the pattern immediately. Many thanks to Paula and Julia for helping me with the translation and proper knitting terminology!

This has definitely been a jump into the unknown, but at the same time it's been fun and rewarding for me to acquire new skills when it comes to pattern writing.

A little bit about the pattern: the measurements are stated in centimeters (cm) since I am a European and have difficulty using inches. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might bring to knitters using the US customary units. The double pointed needle's (DPNs) size required for the pattern is also in millimeters (mm). The EU size 3,5mm DPNs are US 4.

The mittens are constructed in two layers: first you knit the under mitten, which has a garter stitch cuff and stockinette body, then you pick up stitches for knitting the beautiful mohair lace layer on top of it. I usually pull the base mitt out of the way, while I knit the lace layer.

You can download the pattern for free, click this link.

If you have any questions regarding the pattern, you can find my contact info linked at the end of the pattern or can comment on this blog post.

I hope you find the pattern easy to follow. If you wish for me to see your lovely work on social media, you can tag me on Instagram @rosannaofmay and use the hashtag #kuuralacemittens. I'll be reposting your work on my IG story for all my followers to see and also save them on my highlights.

Happy knitting!


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